Tax & Legal

Everybody is concerned about TAX! We do - whatever is possible - about it!

Are you doing business in Denmark? We can make sure that you are updated on changes in the regulation and informed about relevant taxcases etc.

Use our serviceline. Get information (including HOT NEWS when needed) on a quarterly basis for a fixed amount, and/or get a special package. Use our expertise for an agreed period in and pay a quartely fee.

Are you going abroad to start business? Are you already in international business and transfer manpower to the subsidiaries abroad, we can help you to create the most beneficial salary package.

Do you need International Tax and Human Resource Planning, we can help you create a policy and give you tools to control.

Do you need a TAX review of your organisation?

Not only TAX and VAT but hundreds of fees and duties to be paid!

That is business life in Denmark. When TAX burdens are lessened, fee burdens are increased. Be sure that you are only paying what is an obligation to you. Get a review of your expense account.